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How to Make Delicious Pancakes

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Cooking pancakes it easy like drinking water.Pancakes are fast food to cook at home.The following are steps or recipe to follow while cooking delicious pancakes.


These are substances that are present in pancakes.The following are substances that can make tasty pancakes.

2 cup of flour

2 tablespoon of sugar

¾ teaspoon of salt

1 cup of milk or buttermilk

2 teaspoon of vegetable oil

2 eggs

Recipe to follow;

1.Put two cups of flour and half teaspoon salt into a large bowl.

2.Then put one cup of milk and two eggs into the mixture of flour and salt.

3.Mix them until you have a smooth mixture.

4.Add two teaspoons vegetable oil and whisky thoroughly.

5.Take a large frying pan,take a kitchen paper wipe the pan carefully inside the pan.

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6.Heat the pan over a medium heat one or two minutes.

7.Add just under a ladleful of batter to the cooking pan and immediately start swirling it around the pan to get a nice even layer.

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8.Cook the pancake for 20-40 minutes. Use a teaspoon to lift the pancake carefully to a look at the underside to check it is golden brown before turning over.Cook the other side to 20-40 seconds and transfer to a serving plate.

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9.After cooking pancakes you can now taste your delicious pancakes.

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