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Tough Decision For Sirisia MP After Judge's Final Ruling

KiprutoCollins 06/25/2020

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Srisia MP John Waluke. [Image/Courtesy]

Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke and co-conspirator have been found guilty of graft allegations in the Sirisia constituency after the judge's final ruling.

John Waluke was being defended by famous criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta but they lost the case due to overwhelming evidence on the graft.

The judge gave a ruling of Sirisia MP John Waluke and co-accused each fined Sh594 million or serve 7 years imprisonment if they default in the Sh294 million NCPB case. This ruling is subject to appeal within 14 days.

This has interested Netizens especially due to the high amount of money to be paid which is double the amount the MP was said to pay.

Here are some of the comments shared by Kenyans after the ruling.

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Srisia MP John Waluke and Co-conspirator. [Image/Courtesy]

Political Geni, ''594 M?? That's a huge amount of money!!! Double the actual Stolen!!! Corrupt Goons have a tough way to Go!!!''

Junior Kadot, ''The court should close this case now. We don't want Waluke to miss prison dinner.''

Joel Bett, ''Hope justice was served for both parties and that politics didn’t play any part, next we waiting for NYS scandal prosecution too.''

Paul Koskei, ''The fining is OK. Even other corruption cases have gone the same way.. A punishment in any form is still a punishment.''

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Eliud Mwangi, ''He should go to prison and serve his jail term, why is his defence counsel chasing the suspension of the ruling. Waluke jail awaits you, where will u get 594M its even more than you net worth.''

Tony Gari, ''When they stole did they take note of there age,,7 years ni kidogo.people in US r jailed for even 200 years on several counts.''

Nzomo Timothy, ''Finally a conviction. We are making progress, though slow but its progress. Corruption is what bleeds this great nation. Paying the fine is better than going to jail. It won't benefit anybody if they rot in jail. You can make honest money Kenyans, stop the stealing from the poor!''

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Top Comments
ThomasOpondo_02 · 06/26/2020
The presiding judge and the prosecutor should be applaud for setting a milestone case in Kenya's history The judge should be listed as the top candidate for the forthcoming vacancy of the Chief Justice of Kenya while the court prosecutor be lined up for higher responsibilities. Congratulations for a job well done. It will be the talk of town for a long time and a legacy to the President in the fight against mega corruptions.

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