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Why Kenyans are opting for Uganda registered vehicles

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You may have noticed that vehicles with foreign registration plates are increasing in number on our roads. Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to own a foreign registered vehicle In Kenya and why it may be cheaper for you? Here is why.

1. It's is cheaper to buy a vehicle in Uganda or Tanzania because their taxation on automobiles is much lower than ours. In fact there are tax incentives in Uganda to encourage owning a View pictures in App save up to 80% data. motor vehicle.

2. Uganda's policy on used vehicles. While in. Kenya you are not allowed to import vehicles that exceed eight years since manufacturing, in Uganda there is Lee way on this. Thai explains why a car like a Toyota premio 2002 model is mainly an old car in Kenya but in Uganda you can get a fairly new one. It could therefore be advisable to buy one in Uganda and they have largely been considered to be very Hardy and economical vehicles.3. KRA rates. If you buy a desired car of Ugandan registration, there are rates in US dollars which the Kenya Revenue Authority uses to enable you use the car on Kenyan roads and they range from weekly to annually. As compare the two the price of importing a car and the taxation attracted it might actually be cheaper to buy a ugandan registered car.

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This is why most Kenyans are opting to buy and drive Ugandan registered vehicles and drive them as compared to the Kenyans ones which in most cases are over priced because of the burden of taxation In Kenya.

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+254-70034**** · 06/26/2020
The only problem is when u want to sell it. Will u travel to UG to sell it?
KenyanM · 07/14/2020
Well as long as cartels and families own new cars franchises including new imported assembling kits for local assembly, the cost of importing is raised in order to discourage you from importing a second hand car, since the families involved in new car deals would lose income, and this will kill thier monopoly. 🤔If New assembled cars were affordable in Kenya, we would all buy to support the economy and create local businesses and employment. ☺️, but prices are out of reach for most kenyans.

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