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Heartbreak After Popular Kenyan Actor O'Neil Nyanje Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Yusrra 06/24/2020

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Charles O'Neil Nyanje. Facebook.

Charles O'Neil Nyanje, actor who became popular after his regular appearance on NTV series Wash and Set has announced he is suffering from cancer.

Nyanje was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma (cancer of the plasma). He is currently undergoing the first phase of chemotherapy treatment which started on Tuesday, June 23.

Nyanje who is a staunch Christian is also a musician and runs a gospel ministry that has mentored many youths.

Nyanje's chemotherapy and recovery is estimated to cost about KSh 4 million ($40,000).

Kenyans willing to help can MPESA on Paybill, 891300, Account number 41138 or can pay directly via bank transfer to NCBA Account 7689160016, Nyali Branch.

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Friends and fellow Kenyans trooped to social media to send prayers and words of encouragement to Nyanje as he began his battle with cancer.

''Lord, your healing please friends, your generosity please,'' Dorothy Anyango posted.

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Concerned Kenyans prayed for the actor and sent messages of encouragement to his wife Jenna Nyanje and young child Etana.

''Oh my, this news has hit me because I have walked this journey with my kid brother. It's not an easy journey but with God nothing is impossible,

''I believe in the power of God to heal and restore. To strengthen and to bring encouragement. Friends let's hold O'Neil Nyanje hand and walk with him during this season by praying for him and the family and by giving financially. This journey takes God and people to support him and the family,'' Sheila Koronge said.

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Nyanje is not new in facing tragedies and rising stronger from them, In 2014 he lost his first wife Tina Shigare after she suffered hemorrhage from a ruptured vein in her brain.

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The death of his wife did not break him but instead made him stronger and he used the experience to mentor and counsel people who went through similar tragedies.

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