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Arsenal Break the Deadlock

Warari 06/26/2020

Mikel Arteta's Arsenal side hasn't been a bed of roses for the former Arsenal midfielder. Arsenal players has been out of form for quite a long time now with injury plagues frustrating their efforts to finish in the top four. Arsenal defense has been wanting for a long time ever since the reign of the Veteran Arsene Wenger.

Arteta is yet to fix his team defensively with some of his first team defenders like injured while Luiz has been ruled out this giving the Pep's assistant a headache in making his team.

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Yesternight Arsenal had visited the Southampton side after experiencing a horror resumption to the league after a long break due to the pandemic Corona virus. Arsenal were humiliated by man city at a match that ended with 3-0 and again 2-1 defeat by Brighton and Hove Albion.

Arteta sidelined some of the key players despite his side being plagued by injuries.

Mesut Ozil is yet to find favour from his former teammate and was sidelined to the bench and didn't get a chance to play even for a single minute despite him being the highest paid player. The former Madrid player was a very prolific player with high admirable skills but has now become a bench warmer.

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Alexander Lacazette was also sidelined as he has been out of form and his position is being filled by the youngster Eddie Nketiah who scored the opener at the 20th minute as a result of a mistake from McCarthy the Southampton's goalkeeper.

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Joe willock gave his side a winning goal at the 87th minute of the game and ensured they went back home with some in their points bag.

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However, Arsenal looks far from regaining form as Kieran Tierney is expected to spend some time on the bench, an addition to the injury team.

Will arsenal really regain their form anytime soon?

Will they qualify for the champions League next season?

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