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The Undermined Treasure That is Now Making a 30-year-old Man Smiling to the Bank


It was disregarded because in the past it had less value . Although now , the stones are a gold for some in their farms as selling them in large quantities earning them a fortune .

A man from Bokimai village in Kisii county is getting richer through selling stones to construction companies . When I bought this land some years back , it was rugged and some said it had no value ," he said.

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Once upon it was abandoned and forgotten land .But today it is earning a fortune for the owners. One truck of stones goes for ksh 3000.

Fortunately, his business got a boost as the Chinese firm constructing roads in the region are buying stones from him. Today he is making big value out of it . He has employed some youth to break the large stones. Trucks drive in and out to pick out the stones. He plans to settle there once the land is levelled.

Source: opera.com
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