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Governor Joho Finally Admits Being Awarded A Shed at the Port of Mombasa

Tishouma 06/25/2020

Embattled Mombasa Governor Hassan John has finally admitted being awarded tender at the port of Mombasa.

However, the Mombasa County boss said he was awarded the tender in 2005 refuting Nyali MP's assertion that he influenced the process.

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Yesterday, during a press conference Mr Ali claimed his impeachment motion was not supported by majority of Mombasa MPs because they were influenced by the governor.

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"Mr Joho is the first major beneficiary of the port of Mombasa. He is eating his cake. He was given berth number 7 and 8. The MPs led by Mvita MP was also given a tender hence he kept mum," alleged the MP.

But Mr Joho through his Mombasa branch ODM Chairman, Mr Mohamed Hatimy refuted allegations of omproprieties in awarding of lease of shed at Mombasa Port.

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"I would like to issue a press statement to refute the false and malicious allegations of impropriety levelled against Mr Joho, by Nyali MP Mohamed Ali. On June 23, 2005, Kenya Ports Authority advertised through a tender notice in The Standard newspaper (Page 29) seeking bids for Lease of Shed 7/8 and Lease of Old Engineering Office. The lease agreement was for five years and three months renewable on mutual agreement. The agreement shoved in the media was a renewable contract of the earlier agreement which was earlier awarded in 2005. This was 12 years before the commissioning of the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya prior to the current national government administration," he said in a statement.

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He said 11 companies and individuals applied for the tenders but only seven firms were awarded.

"Mr Ali maliciously singled out Mr Joho whereas the tender was awarded to several companies. At the material time, Mr Joho did not hold any public office hence was not influential to influence of the tender award," said Mr Hatimy while defending his boss.

He said the allegations that the governor who is also the ODM deputy Party Leader, was awarded a berth are false and untrue.

"But that it was a shed which was awarded to several companies. The insinuations that Mr Joho was bribed through the tender award are malicious, false and slanderous propaganda and intended to earn the Nyali MP cheap publicity," he insisted.

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Top Comments
+254-073505**** · 06/25/2020
The Governor is benefiting that's why he's quiet...jicho pevu is right...people from the coast has been oppressed to their knees.
GUEST_4jeoeRwJk · 06/25/2020
handas inakulemea moha acha mairungi
FatmaAhmed · 06/25/2020
Mukitaka kushinda hii maneno kataeni miraa ije coast.
tupo · 06/25/2020
corrupt governor and MP's. Unafik was hali ya juu.

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