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MP Waluke's Wife Pleads With Fellow Kenyans To Support Her Financially To Fine Out Husband Waluke

S-amuel 06/28/2020

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The embattled Sirisia Member of Parliament, Honourable John Waluke is set to serve seven years in jail as it is seemingly hard for him to raise the accumulated fine of Ksh 1 billion.

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The sentencing was issued by the Anti Corruption Judge Elizabeth Juma on the night of Thursday 25th June 2020 after the Sirisia Member of Parliament Waluke and his co-director Grace Wakhungu were found guilty in the Ksh 297 Million Maize fraud scandal and in return they supplied air.

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Now ,Madam Roselyne Waluke ,the wife to MP John Waluke,has cried out to her fellow Kenyans to boost her financially and help her raise the Ksh 1billion fine so as to set free her husband who is currently serving seven years jail term.

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She cried to the members of the public addressing them as dear friends,well wishers and Kenyans of good will. She represents her family saying that they come to Kenyans at this time of need asking that they may stand with Waluke at this difficult time and channel anything small to her safaricom line(0728732542) as they work on getting a pay bill number. 

She has continued to plead with Kenyans to stand with their son by sacrificing anything small,no matter how small one can afford.

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Top Comments
+254-72899**** · 06/28/2020
Such nonsense only happens in Kenya, asking people to raise money to bail out a convicted person found guilty of corruption???
+254-72246**** · 06/28/2020
I think thus is afraudster using waluke to con pple not really wslukes wife. Be a lert.
Makomuonobunde-omuono · 06/28/2020
He ate our maize outside. Let him now go eat our maize inside.
BonifaceNdori · 06/28/2020
pole mamangu ,zenye tungechanga mliiba zote

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