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'Rieng'!Common Sheng Phrases With Their Definitions

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Sheng slang has puzzled many outsiders due to its dynamic nature. Every youth generation comes up with new phrases that make the previous ones irrelevant.

Earlier linguistic scholars predicted a premature death for the cant, but it has defied the test of time,growing to become the unofficial lingo of Kenyan under-class estates.

Sheng evolves rapidly,with sheng new words get devised while older words dissappear

Common Sheng Words and Their Definition;

1.Ndoko ~ girl

2.Ngwelo ~ bang

3.Pira ~ car

4.Arif~ friend

5.Marima/banka ~ nyumba

6.Mbulu ~ tv

7.Tonje ~ laptop

8.Mloite ~ toilet

9.Kighonyi ~ driver

10.Oboho ~ gun

11.Musu ~ bullet

12.Ngive/ikombe ~ bank

13.Tokomona ~ sleep

14.Njege/bist ~ police

15.Tutu ~ coward

16.Mrazi ama mnywenywe ~ a snitch or an informer

17.Ndenga,mchuma ~ a real gun

18.Dikwara,namba mbili ~ a homemade gun

19.Musu,itoka, itos ~ a bullet

20.Tenje,dura,toko ~ a phone

21.Ngombe ~ a smart phone

22.Tulutulu ~ a mulika mwizi phone

23.Broka v~ bravia

24.Ngive,ikombe ~ bank

25.Njege,sanse ~ a police officer

26.Bazenga ~ the big man

27.Msanii ~ a thug

28.Mboka,round ~ thugs at work

29.Koto,jems ~ house robbery using a master key

30.Puff ~ house robbery by breaking of the door

31.Tisa,nyongolo, lock ~ kunyongwa

32.Baki ~ dying

33.Petco ~ rings

34.Ndondo ~ jail

35.Mbwenya ~ court

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GUEST_Drb4jg9nD · 06/28/2020
These are thieves using this languages
BukaSimba · 06/28/2020
language of a dangerous group
+254-71979**** · 06/29/2020
useless languages for illiterates
+254-73432**** · 06/29/2020
Coded language/words, Hio ni Lugha ya wezi

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