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Ex-K24 journalists set their own company-Sauti Tajika Productions

Nicah 06/28/2020

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Joab Mwaura and his wife Nancy Onyancha. photo Courtesy

After being fired from K24 TV Station, journalists Joab Mwaura and Nancy Onyanch, who are also a couple, have set their own media production company -Sauti Tajika Productions.

Following the recent firings from K24 TV, many journalists were rendered jobless sparing only two people.Among the affected employees, was a couple Nancy Onyancha and Joab Mwaura who were editors in the station.

Mwaura noted that the firing didn't mean he would quit media. He revealed that they were planning to focus their professional skills on their own media company.

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Joab and wife Nancy. Photo courtesy

Among the tasks covered at their company are TV and online commercials, documentaries, event coverage, and voice-overs.

Sauti Tajika Production Company was made legal in 2014 as a business that would generate extra income. Including serving Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, the company has been taking on major projects.

Mwaura started working at K24 TV as a reporter, before he was promoted to the assignment editor and finally to full editor.He stated of taking that experience and put it in the work of producing documentary features and voice-overs.

A great achievement to Mwaura where the company already has four staff including his wife Onyancha, who is knowledgeable in production, scripting and voice-overs.

Two camerapersons who are knowledgeable and can handle shooting for events like weddings, graduations, company events. In August 2020, Mwaura is looking forward to set up an official office.

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Photo file logo of Sauti Tajika Productions. photo courtesy

Mwaura said that journalism has been his passion and he will look forward to open offers from local and international media houses. He added that the company has already received offers from local stations.

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