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3 Ways You Can Extend The Durability of your SmartPhone Battery

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Use​ your battery regularly. Just like in the case of our bodies needs exercise daily. Don't store your phone with battery for long periods of time with using it . The more you will use the battery the easier the flow of current from battery to phone. This is because phone battery are design specifically for daily use . But when you decide to store your battery, kept in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

2. Always change your battery before it is fully drained. When the phone indicated that your battery is running low on charge , plug a charger immediately you don't wait until it is fully drained so as to plug it on charge. This will certainly reduce life span .It will be rather convenient charging abattery with at least some power left than charging that one with no charge at all.

3.Never​ store a battery with less than half the normal charge or the wich is fully drained.For any spare batteries you will need to always store them when they are fully charged. Then in order to charge a completely drained battery will take a longer period than charge that one with some charge left in it. This therefore means the battery which is not drained is able to give out more energy without strain compared to that one which is completely drained. Due to the strain effect the life span will be reduced.

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