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Photos: Meet The Prolific Opera News Writer Who Made Over Ksh 250,000 in 3 Months

BeauttahF 06/24/2020

When I began my journey with Opera News Hub, I was just on a mission to pass time and earn a few coins at the end of the month. However, the freelancing job has surpassed my expectations; I can't complain.

And today, one of the top news on this platform has been a story told by a writer Curtis Otieno who has shared how he has smiled all the way to the bank with over ksh 250 000.

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Curtis Otieno, (left) when signing up for Opera News Hub [Photo|Courtesy]

The article was titled 'My journey with Opera News Hub and secrets to quick success as an Opera writer' and has attracted words of congratulations from readers and writers alike.

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Otieno narrated how he carved a niche for himself by always picking a unique story angle that make his articles more interesting.

But Otieno's success didn't come with a silver platter. Sometimes back, Otieno used to write for Hivisasa.com which closed business early this year because of contracted revenues occasioned by economic turndowns. Otieno was rendered jobless despite having written over 8000 articles.

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Otieno's profile on Hivisasa

But as they say every cloud comes with a silver lining, he kept his ears on the ground, getting wind of the launch of Opera News Hub in Kenya. He signed up for the platform, not knowing that he had a landed a life-changing deal.

"The legitimacy of the hub was confirmed when I was invited for contract signing in their offices. There, I also met several of my former colleagues, which to me was an approval that the hub indeed means business," he told Opera News Hub.

Otieno's tale is a moving story of grass to grace, coal to gold or let's say gloom to gleam. After 3 months of toil, he put up a spirited consistent struggle that has left him with a whooping quarter million in his account.

Curtis shared a screenshot of one of his month's earning which he had earned over 140,000 shillings. On good days he would make over 5k.

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A screenshot of his earning [Photo|Courtesy]

One thing about Opera News Hub is that it has a lot of content creators meaning Otieno kept his head high to sustain the steep slippery climb to success.

Here are photos of the profilic writer:-

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Photo|Curtis Otieno

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Photo|Curtis Otieno

Source: opera.com
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