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Confirmation Of Raila's Whereabouts

[email protected] 06/25/2020

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There is an allegation sponsored by DP Ruto's Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi alluding that ODM Leader Raila Odinga flew to Abu Dhabi aboard a chartered aircraft(5YPAA-Cessna 680).He further alleges that Mr. Odinga was spotted at Wilson Airport in the company of a neurosurgion,her daughter,personal assistant and a body guard.It now appears to be true by the following further allegations.

Our sources further confirmed from a tweet by a famous personality alluding that Raila has been hospitalized in Dubai.He alleged that Mr.Odinga is admitted in a German facility in Dubai possibly for a brain surgery.

Raila brother Oburu Odinga confirmed that Raila indeed was flown to Dubai for specialised treatment.

All these allegations alludes that Raila may have undergone a brain surgery something that is kind off serious and his supporters has a reason to worry since the brain is a very vital structure is ones anatomy.

Raila had confirmed via his tweeter handle that he was in the Democratic Republic of Congo and now it appears that it is contrary.

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Source: opera.com
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