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Jalango Narrates Why he Thought His Job at Milele FM Was Secure

Nasserian 06/26/2020

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Former Milele FM radio host says that he thought his job was secured because his breakfast show was not affected by Covid-19.The radio personality who hosted the second most popular a morning show in the country with his best friend Alex Mwakideu says that he received a redundancy letter after surviving the first wave that so over 100 of his colleagues lose their Job.

According to Jalango the company had already given them a 50% pay cut owing to financial struggles due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The company then sent him a redundancy letter in the second wave but tried negotiating that he stay if he accepts another salary cut but Jalango declined the offer.

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In his popular Youtube show Bonga Na Jalas, he said that his show was never affected by Covid-19 as they were still running the airwaves in the morning and had advertisers as normal. This is what made the media personality to reject the pay cut and since the company is evidently struggling financially they had to let him go.

Jalango says that his friend and co-host Mwakideu did not know that he was fired. In Jalango's defence, he tried calling his friend at night but he was already asleep. In the morning, Mwakideu called Jalango to tell him that he was late for work and that is when Jalango told him that the redundancy had affected him.

According to Jalango, Mwakideu called him crying convincing him to sign the terms he was given but Jalango refused and instead encourage his friend to keep shinning on the show. Alex Mwakideu also confessed to Jalango that the first-morning show he did alone at Milele FM were the longest four hours of his life.

Milele FM breakfast show ranks second and Alex Mwakideu and Jalango are credited for making the show famous after Jalango left HOT96 FM owned by Royal Media Services to join the station.

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"One of the saddest things because I knew that I needed to complete my final radio journey with Milele FM. I didn’t want to do this radio anymore. So at this moment, I am not happy because I didn’t want to leave Milele FM but I am happy to say one thing; did not fight for what you can earn. If you can earn it yourself, go earn it, you get," Jalango said.

Jalango confessed that the saddest thing with losing his job was that he knew he wanted to complete his radio journey at Milele FM but he was not happy with how it ended. He said that he has received calls from 8 radio station but he has revealed that he will be going back to Radio Africa.

Though he did not reveal exactly which station he will be joining and which show he will host at Radio Africa which houses kiss 100, Classic 105 and Radio Jambo, Jalango is back to where it all began. He also did not confirm if that will be his last radio job.

Source: opera.com
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GUEST_eAe0AnLdG · 06/26/2020
all the best jalas....a.k.a daktari will miss u

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