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What A Big Heart! See What Akothee Has Done To A Lady Who was Kicked out By Landlady

Peterp_001 06/25/2020

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Akothee is known to be one of the most richest female celebrities in Kenya. She is a very tough woman who doesn't entertain nonsense or settling for less. Despite all that she is also the most humble and kindhearted female celebrity.

She has stretched her hand to a lady by the name Catherine whom her story went viral about being kicked out by landlady amidst Coronavirus pandemic over rent arrears. Akothee has sorted Catherine's rent arrears and shared Mpesa message as an evidence, may God keep blessing her.

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Akothee took to her Instagram page to address the issue and this is what she wrote; "Rent arrears for Catherine is sorted, the landlady uprooted the windows over a balance of Kshs 10,500 and still demanded for a refund of Kshs 1000 to replace the windows she uprooted, so I have send Kshs 12,500 and an additional of Kshs 500, if this will make her rich and happy. I was so mad shocked, Kshs 10,00 is what I use on my nails after every two weeks, someone needs it for a roof over her family heads for three months, mungu nifundishe kunyamazia".

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Recently, Akothee has been a blessing to many less fortunate Kenyans who have been affected by Coronavirus pandemic. She has been donating good stuffs to affected families and disabled people through her foundation and also from Well-wishers.

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