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DP Ruto Resurfaces At Midnight Doing This Great Favour To His Critic, Other Critics Cry For The Same

S-amuel 06/28/2020

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The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya,His Excellency William Samoei Ruto has done a one great favour at midnight to one of his greatest critics Professor Makau Mutua who is a Kenyan American professor of law and a leading scholar of the Third World Approaches to International Law.

After doing this one critical thing,other critics has resurfaced crying for the Deputy President Ruto to do the same favour to them too.

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Reportedly the Deputy President Ruto just like any other human being has critics and It is told that the best fight to engage with a critic is by remaining silent on him/her but if the critic continues to bite harder,you will definitely block him from accessing your continued day to day activities.

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This happened to Dp Ruto where he blocked Professor Makau Mutua and other critics on twitter but at the midnight of today, Professor Makau has a reason to smile,thank him and celebrate it online as he was unblocked by Ruto.

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He disclosed that,"DP @WilliamsRuto has now UNBLOCKED me. Thanks — and I am now following him on twitter. But he needs to UNBLOCK everyone of his digital victims @ahmednasirlaw."

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Other members of the public reacted as others cried for the same favour from Ruto as below;

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@ntomungania,"Tell him to unblock me if truly he's a [email protected] has helped you... Do so too to me."

@ofweneke,"He should unlock me too. Men of God don't operate that way."

Engineer Peter Kiptoo,"William is too scared of KANU and its Generals. That's why he will block me on Twitter but we'll also block him from being President!."

@Alvinkereri,"Its because Dp @WilliamsRuto has a good heart but you guy keep insulting him for nothing."

@johnjuma,"We are still in Mexico! When are we getting unblocked?AMA tungoje twenditwendindu."

@henrynewex,"Please @WilliamsRuto unblock me .Am just a simple kenyan."

@jane_nkyalo,"Impressive... People don't need to keep walking with baggage in their hearts."

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Top Comments
+254-72258**** · 06/28/2020
KANU ilienda na moi long time ago and you are still dreaming .wake up because you will be surprised when you learn that Gideon moi is a no march for WSR
FabianusJoshuaSitubi · 06/29/2020
Engineer Peter kiptoo, you are one person and we are Kenyans what do you mean when you say we? just in short, you can't speak for us.you can't block one from being president. if Kenyans votes for him to be president what will you do.
+254-072221**** · 06/28/2020
even Jubilee finished long time ago it's not only KANU we have mergers

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