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Wenye Wivu Wajinyonge! Details of the New Jalang'o TV

NewsArena100 06/25/2020

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Former Milele FM radio show host, Felix Odiwour aka Jalang'o took his fans by shock after announcing his exit from the media max owned company.

In video clip, the reknown radio host thanked his fans for the his remarkable growth of his YouTube channel known as Bonga na Jalas.

In an effort to support his fans he has stated that he will create a YouTube channel known as Jalang'o TV in an aim to promote talents among the youths.

Jalang'o revealed that the YouTube channel will include people who have talents in news anchoring, comedy, deejay mixes and many other things.

The reknown comedian cum radio host revealed that his new YouTube channel will create more opportunities for fans who are unable to feature in the Bonga Na Jalas show.

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
ConeliusKyeni · 06/25/2020
whatever your hands finds to do, do it diligently, God bless you mr jalas.
GUEST_Gm2lYLLgW · 06/28/2020
Thanks God keep it up mungu ako na wewe tuko pamoja

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