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Churchill Show Comedian, Zeddy Apologizes To Her Old Friends

Balchanews 06/25/2020

Most people normally find themselves forgetting their old friends the moment they are separated by either distance,social class or other things. Mostly,it doesn't happen by will,it just happens and some people find themselves missing their old friends though it's usually almost impossible for them to reconnect. Sometimes,their photos are the ones that reminds us that they were once part of our lives. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Zainabu Zeddy, a Churchill show comedian has found herself in such shoes. She posted an old photo of herself together with her old friends. The photo was dated back in 2006 when she was working at the Export Processing Zone. She captioned it with a very emotional message. She talked of how she took the photo before she left for maternity leave and that's how she parted ways with her friends. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

On the caption,she expressed how sorry she is for forgetting her crew after she got famous. Although she could barely remember their two names,she mentioned their first names and requested them to look for one another, though it's long enough for them to have forgotten each other

"tbt hapa nilikua na ball ya Shamim 8months nikamua kupiga picha ya mwisho ndo niende Maternity leave..hii ilikua mbogi yangu nikapata "fame"nikawasahao😏pliz mnisamehe🙏🙏🙏 na tutafutane jameni najua nikitambo 2006 ata mshakua Wamama 😂😂😂 Pauline,Alice,Caroline,Margaret na Zubeda," she posted on her facebook page. These words translates to, "throw back Thursday,on this photo,i was eight months pregnant and i decided to take my last photo before i left for maternity leave. This was my crew before i became famous and forgot them,kindly forgive me and lets look for one another and catch up. I know it has been long,2006 was long ago and am sure you have become mothers. Pauline, Alice, Caroline, Margret and Zubeda."

Source: opera.com
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