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Maria Tv show: Maria and Silas' Secrets are Discovered by Maggie.

Mariegatsnews 06/25/2020

Silas has been on a mission to uncover Maggie. Since the day Maggie's mother caused a commotion outside his house and demanded that he must marry her and the previous suspicion of her involvement with Jayden. Fally and Pupa allegations of of her unchristian behaviour raised eyebrows. He vowed to unmask her. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Silas hatched a plan with Maria, the plan was to trick Maggie. They used Tekno to execute the plan, so Tekno was given an expensive drink to deliver to Maggie's house and pretend to be in love and also apologize for the bad rumours he spread about her.

The plan failed miserably when Maggie turned tables on Tekno and spiked his drink and now he is under her spell after framing him of raping her. He is unable to remember what happened at Maggie's place and he decides to take the blame for drinking the alcohol after Maggie rejected his advances.

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Maria also checks on her but could not collect enough evidence to implicate her for any uncanny behaviour.

What Silas and Maria do not know is that Maggie already knows that they are trying to do and she is ahead of their plans.

Maggie confesses to the mother what happened, and the realisation that the wedding is not coming soon dawns on them.Maggie and the mother have something up their sleeves. Silas had better prepare for what is coming at him

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