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William Ruto Leaves A Strong Message To Kenyans After Empowering Youths In Nairobi (Photos)

MargNewsKe 06/25/2020

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According to Deputy president William Ruto recent moves, its not the time for politics but time for to focus on businesses and the various hustles we engage in. The time for politics will come and we will engage in politics.

DP Ruto has embarked on a journey to empower youth in Nairobi. The youth empowerment project targets 5000 youth in informal settlements in Nairobi. 

According to the DP youth in Kenya do not need handouts, they need opportunities to hustle

Distributed assortment of equipment, which included shoe shining stands, washing machines, saloon items and tailoring machines to 30 youth and women groups from Embakasi Central, Starehe and Langata Constituencies in Karen, Nairobi. The programme targets 5,000 young entrepreneurs.

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Through his twitter account, Deputy president have encouraged the youths that in every journey worth making, every ambition worth pursuing, every destination worth reaching must begin with that single first step to achieve a dream.

DP Ruto has urged all citizens to focus on their dreams by working on them until they achieve in their lives.

"Ideas will forever remain ideas and dreams will remain just dreams, and we will never know what we can make, what we can get and who we can be until we make the first move; until you take the first step,"Ruto's tweet reads.

However, Ruto has left a word of encouragement for those who setbacks had been placed to discourage them congratulating those who work to achieve their goals.

"I celebrate all Kenyans who resist all setbacks; who refuse to be discouraged; who are not willing to let their dreams die. I know what dreams are and I salute everyone who is taking the first step towards their dream,"Ruto tweeted.

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