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Appreciate Retirees Efforts at Retirement, They are a Source of Wisdom

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An Employee Proceeding on Retirement

Retirees or Pensioners form an important part of a society. They are an extended arm of any Government on retirement.

They retired with a wealth of experience and expertise in the various departments they worked. These qualities have been tapped by their local authorities and have been integrated into their development agendas. They have all it takes to be a hard worker, dedicated to quick delivery of services. They have the endurance and zeal to perform. Most of them have changed the face of their societies by investing heavily through their tenures at work and their retirement benefits. They are therefore contributing to the National economy and the GDP. That is why most of them have easily adopted to retirement life and are contributing to National building in their new defined role of retirement.

Retirees are fall back positions for their former employers. A number of times retired personnel have been recalled to help resolve some deadlocks in their former work places.

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There are several organisations that address matters of retirement. The Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) deals with matters pertaining to retirement for both serving and retired personnel such as retirement and benefits regulations, complaints and Procedures amongst others. It is an umbrella body under which all schemes dealing with pension fall under.

Age might be a factor in determining performance, but does not disqualify retirees from providing their vast experience and knowledge in resolving matters of National importance especially when they are members of some organisations. Any token of appreciation to these elderly members of the society is welcome considering that COVID-19 is here with us.

Retirees have had some good news lately from our Lawmakers and the Treasury. During his presentation of the budget for F/Y 2020/21 the CS Treasury had proposed taxation on the wages of Pensioners. This was immediately followed by disappointments from retirees and the whole working class. Because our Government listens, the Treasury withdrew this proposal. Infact there were price reductions on gas and maize flour amongst other things. Let's appreciate the timely intervention by our Lawmakers in resolving this impulse.

Retirees or pensioners therefore are a pool of retired professionals who can still offer their expertise to the private sector or as may be determined at that particular time.

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