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What Next For The Education Sector After This

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With learning scheduled to resume in September, plans are still underway to ensure the safety of the learners together with the teachers and the whole school fraternity. Some guidelines were released last week by the cabinet secretary for education Prof. Magoha. Each class is expected to have a maximum of twenty learners, each learner is expected to be provided with two face masks, teachers are expected to resume two weeks prior to the opening and each school should ensure that there are available thermo guns.

Prof. Magoha also stated that the school calendar would not be changing and if that should happen the East African Community heads of State would have to agree on that. The major problem facing the sector as per now is how social distancing will be made possible considering the high ratio of learners in mostly public schools which might require more infrastructure in the institution. The schools are also expected to be in collaboration with a health facility that will be linked to them.

The plans are still underway and Prof. Magoha stated earlier today that for institutions to resume it will depend on how the status of COVID will be as per that time, stability of the virus for at least two weeks and more that will be released in the coming days after a cabinet discussion with candidates being given the first priority of resuming first. Whatever the case, the health of the learners, teachers and the school fraternity comes first as we await to see how things unfold in the coming days.

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