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Naked But Not Ashamed Part 2

Nwaokpo 06/28/2020


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Gen 2vs25

God instituted marriage

Some singles think that the word of God is old school but to God His standard remains the same.

Let us open our bibles to the book of Genesis 2 vs 18

And the Lord God said ,it is not good that the man should be alone....I will make him an helper

It is in God's sovereignty that make us to have partners. It is not because we are beautiful

It is not our right It just pleases God to make us partners for Men It is not our fasting and prayer that make us helpers.. It is in God sovereignty It is not because of your stature that gives you husband...it is in God's sovereignty

It is not because I know how to pray that make me to be entitled to a man,it is in God's sovereignty.

It was God that thought of giving Adam an helper for companionship first.

If you are not thinking of getting married because of companionship first,he can't keep your company. That is not where I am going to. Where I am going to is that after God made The woman he wanted for Adam,She was naked and He also was naked Both of them were not shy They were not covering their nakedness Adam didn't give any complaint about the woman God made He was amazed when he saw the woman and he was pleased with her. Any man that is not pleased with you will be ashamed of your nakedness Adam saw that eve was not an animal He saw himself in Eve's life They can understand each other's language. They had the same colour They were walking uprightly unlike animals And they were naked,and they were not ashamed Do you know what nakedness means in the real sense

It means they didn't have any secret they were covering. Adam trusted Eve with His life and vice versa Adam didn't for once see Eve as second class citizen. He saw her as his helper not his slave.

Adam was not bored with eve ...neither Eve was irritated at seeing his nakedness

Nakedness is differences..

Nakedness is weakness. Nakedness is past experiences. Nakedness means differences in background,age and career To all the engaged sisters please listen to this..

Any man that is ashamed of your nakedness is not meant for you.

Any man that can't withstand your past no matter how bad it is ,is not meant for you....

Any man that is not satisfied with your background is not meant for you

Any man that talks you down because of your career is not meant for you

Any man that never sees any good in you is not meant for you

Any man that gives excuse to go out with your because of your abilities is not meant for you

A man that God created you for will never be ashamed of your nakedness.

Any man that God chose for you by Himself will never be hurt by your past experience.

Any man that God chose for you will always appreciate you

A man that God chose for you will never talk you down and make you feel you are not relevant.

The bone of your bone will never crash your self esteem but will continue to boast it and sharpen you

The flesh of your flesh will not see communication as a burden not as duty.

It will flow from the heart of love.

I hate hearing sisters complaining about lack of communication.

Some people are introverts but he doesn't hear from you for 1 week and he is comfortable please check that relationship well..

And as the same time,Eve accepted the way Adam was

Women are funny.

We have our taste

You will hear words like I am short ,I can't marry a short guy...

I am dark,I can't marry a dark guy

He is not my choice,he has big eye ball.....

Who are you to complain about what God gave you.

I am even guilty of this

God have mercy

I want to tell you that you were given that man to complement him.

You were created because of the man

Either you like it or not,God removed his rib to fix you.

He removed it from his side not from his head.

Not from his hand not from his leg

Do u know the role of ribs?

Rib protect important organs in the body

Organs like:

Heart and lung

These organs are packed ,and are well organised and they are stable because of the presence of the rib

Which means that you are very important in the life of the man God choose for you

If you marry right,you will fit rightly into the vaccum in his life.

As a woman,you must fit into the rib that was used to make you

You must complement him

You must make sure that the best comes out of the man God gave you

Have you seen any divorcee that is stable in life?

No she can't,this is because she has some space she should be filling which is empty.

My sister,marriage is not English

It is hard work according to my mummy

Marriage is practical.

Marriage is an action word in the real sense of it..

Also,your weakness and your strength works together.

It is rear to see a family that both couple have the same temperament.

It is either one is sanguine and the other is phlegmatic.

It is either one is neat and one is not neat

It is either one knows how to take charge and the other doesn't

If you marry God's will, you will see that all what you see as your weakness is your husband's strength.

You must complement his weakness and he must complement his weakness.

Adam and eve were naked and they were not ashamed.

Mummy eve was not ashamed of Adams six packs.

Adam was not ashamed of Mummy Eve's falling breast.

He was not concerned with the size of her breast,

He was not concerned with her past.

He was not Concerned either God made her last or not.

He didn't complain about her height not complexion.

He just accepted her that way

He was glad to introduce Eve to his formal companions (animals)

He was glad to see her beside her every time.

Even when Eve brought the fruit to him,He accepted it with love and ate it.

Out of love.

Out of acceptance.

I want you to know that anything God gives to you is The perfect will for you

That is why your relationship with God matter most in life.

Your relationship with God will determine if God is totally concerned about your matter or not.

Adam had a strong relationship with God..

He was doing God's will.

Each time God visit Adam,He will always be found doing God's business(tending and caring for the animals)

He was doing God's will when God looked at him and said.

"I think Adam Needs a helper".

I want to ask you tonight

Which of the nakedness of your husband/fiance are you disturbed with?

Are you satisfied with what you are seeing in him?

Or you are saying you can never marry that man even when you have received 100 confirmations

90% of Failed marriages didn't start in marriage, it started from shying away from their partner nakedness.

You are not to run away from nakedness of the chosen.

Meanwhile there are nakedness and there are nakedness

What do I mean

I remembered the last time we had our relationship talk,Apostle Prince said

God will not give you a man he can't handle.

Nobody is perfect.

There is no perfect human being.

If you look into the life of your man and you don't like what you are seeing...why can't you take it to God.

If it was God that really give u the man,He will have solution to it.

A man that spend lavishly will be complemented by his wife His wife must be prudent.

A man that is not neat should be complemented by his wife.

And if a man get angry and breaks things in the house please go and check your conviction again.

God is not interested in hurting you.

If a man beat you please go and sleep again and see the right man.

God's purpose is not for you to suffer in marriage

God's purpose is for you to be an helper.

To fulfil your purpose

To be fruitful.

To be his companion.

To complement him.

And to make impact so sisters,I want us to embrace the gift that God has given us.

We are not entitled to any man by our work,it is in God's sovereignty.

If you are shy of his nakedness, you are not meant for him check your convictions again.

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Younglad · 06/28/2020
+234-803513**** · 06/28/2020
I love this article. So inspiring. Yes it is God sovereign that make right things to happen in our life
Philipopeyemi · 06/29/2020
Wow! full of inspiration, God bless you.

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