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Why lt Might be a Waste of Time to Pursue Engineering Courses in Kenya in the Near Future

HustlerNation 06/25/2020

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Most engineering courses are usually pursued with individuals from poor backgrounds who think the course will earn them a good salary after graduation especially in Kenya

But that has never been the case , most engineering graduates from Kenyan universities are half baked and no single invention has come from them in the last fifteen years

This is attributed to inadequate lecturers who have pursued engineering related courses from top worldwide universities in Kenya . If you happen to be in an engineering course in Kenya you can prove that most of the units are taught by lecturers from other schools who not specialised in engineering fields .

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Secondly , most units are theoretical with students not given time to conduct laboratory sessions and even go to attachments , what the lecturers do is only give students assignments that Involves high calculation and some not even practical to their field

Why most of these graduates don't end up employed or resorting to another field is that Kenyan universities lack the equipments , and well equipped laboratories to accommodate students in engineering courses , most of these universities have become money making schemes and many don't put the welfare of their students into consideration .

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The worrying thing is that The Kenya higher Education Loans Board has said that it will stop funding students taking engineering courses in the coming future because it's a waste of resources as most of the students end up unemployed, self employed or resorting to other fields yet they have a degree in engineering hence bringing little importance to the economy

Also there are no inventions to the names of the so called engineering students over the last decade and that's why HELB says once it stops funding the courses they will become less marketable .

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Many graduates sort to go abroad for studies in engineering in universities in London, Japan, America , China and Australia as the universities are well equipped and you are assured of getting better skills and get employed anywhere once you study abroad

With engineering jobs especially civil engineering in Kenya a ten to fifteen years of experience is required yet most employees don't want to train the graduates which becomes more frustrating for a graduate engineer to get an internship with a company without pay for more than five years.

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FredrickMuya · 06/25/2020
which engineering are you talking about.. specify

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