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See some Memorial images and memes for persons born between 1980s and 1990s

Alardyse 06/25/2020

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This images are for the matatus aka face-me.This matatus can resemble the today's Limozen.This form of Psv was very common in those days and could carry as many persons as possible.From the images you can't tell whether there were existing traffic rules or not.Look at how passengers are hanging on the matatus while the persons on board can't be counted.It was during those days that it was very interesting boarding this vihecles as you could see trees also running alongside the matatus.

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The lady in the above image is holding a maize stalk.The persons who were born before 2000 knows very well what it means to chew those stalks.This was a very special form of sugarcane that could make one to reside in the maize shamba a whole day celebrating the cane juice.

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This is the modern day home theater.This music systems could only be found in renowned families.It was a great achievement just caming in contact with this music systems that saw men of all walks of life creating time to meet for a twist dance.

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This were in those days the today's Kenya power.They were very common in shops as many homes owned radios that were very precious items in the lucky homes that could afford.After they had been fully utilized and thrown away, youthful generations could be seen going round collecting them as many as they could get.To them,they could make a long series of the used batteries and connect with touch bulbs and thus provide light in their huts or even homestead.

Life in those days,no matter how primitive it was,was very appealing and equipped them right attitude,skills and self learnt knowledged that might have been very vital for their adaptation and servival.

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Valgift · 06/25/2020
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