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4 Politicians With High Chances of Being Elected Next Luo Nyanza Governors

Oliver_Ochieng 06/26/2020

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Siaya Senator James Orengo in the past. Photo/Facebook

The 2022 general electioneering year is fast approaching, with the electorate in Luo Nyanza looking forward to electing four governors to steer the ship from 2022 to 2027.

Three governors in the four Luo Nyanza Counties of Siaya, Kisumu, Homabay and Migori are set to retire after serving for two uninterrupted terms, giving politicians eying gubernatorial seats in the region everything to fight for.

Siaya County’s Cornel Amoth Rasanga, Homabay’s Cyprian Otieno Awiti and Migori’s Zachary Okoth Obado will retire in 2022, leaving behind Kisumu County Chief Anyang’ Nyong’o to fight for a second term.

So, which politicians stand chances of being elected next Luo Nyanza Counties’ bosses? Here are the probabilities.

1. Anyang’ Nyong’o

Like it has been mentioned above, Nyong’o is the only Governor in Luo Nyanza expected to defend his seat as his three peers retire. The former Senator floored among others, his predecessor Jack Ranguma in the 2017 polls, making him the only Senator in Nyanza to serve as Senator and Governor within two election cycles.

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Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o. Photo/Facebook

Recently, the former Medical Services Minister declared his plan to defend his seat in 2022 saying there’s still work to be done. The former Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General is a close ally of Party leader Raila Odinga, a reality that increases his chances of being reelected.

Nyong’o will have to battle with various leaders eying his seat, among them Kisumu Senator Fred Otieno Outa, who has shown interest in the gubernatorial seat. Before, during and shortly after the 2017 polls, Nyong’o and Outa were close buddies, but that is no longer the case.

It remains to be seen whether he (Outa) will do a Nyong’o (Moving from Senator to Governor), in 2022. However, high stakes are for Governor Nyong’o’s reelection.

2. James Bob Aggrey Orengo

Siaya Senator James Orengo is among the long serving political figures in Luo Nyanza. He is a lawyer of great repute, with his arguing ability in the courts in favor of his clients being second to none.

In the Senate, Orengo is a loaded debater. He is serving his second term as Siaya Senator as he prepares to vie for the gubernatorial seat in 2022, in a bid to replace the outgoing Cornel Amoth Rasanga.

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James Orengo. Photo/Facebook

For a long time, Orengo has remained steadfast in supporting and defending ODM party leader Raila Odinga. As history has shown us over and over again, his unrivalled support for Raila may just make him the next Siaya Governor.  

3. Joseph Oyugi Magwanga

Political commentators and observers still cannot believe the fact that Joseph Oyugi Magwanga is not Homabay Governor. After his poor track record in his first term, Governor Cyprian Awiti was expected to lose against Magwanga in the 2017 polls.

He had the support on the ground to make him floor Awiti. But like the proverbial cat which has nine lives, Awiti survived and he is comfortably serving his second term, while his biggest rival in 2017 is now in the political cold.

Come 2022, Magwanga, former Kasipul Kabondo Member of Parliament is expected to win the Homabay County gubernatorial seat if he vies again.

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Migori Senator Ochillo Ayacko. Photo/Courtesy

4. George Ochillo Ayacko

In October 2018, Ochillo Ayacko won the Migori County Senatorial race following a by-election held to to replace the fallen Senator, former broadcaster Ben Oluoch Okello. 

The by election came slightly a year after Ayacko had been defeated by Governor Obado in the 2017 gubernatorial race.

With Obado out of the way and picture in 2022, Ayacko, former Rongo MP is expected to replace him if he decides to trade the Senate with the Governor’s office.


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