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Migori Governor Okoth Obado Lands Himself in Hot Soup Over Misplaced Priorities

OlangoW 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Governor Zachariah Okoth Obado is facing criticism as Migori residents now accuse him of having misplaced priorities.

The controversial governor received a backlash shortly after he took to his social media platforms to update his followers about the new development project he had initiated.

H.E Okoth Obado on June 24, 2020, presided over the laying down of the foundation blocks of a building that will house the Migori County Speaker. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

“I presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Migori County Speaker's House.” The governor posted.

According to governor Obado, this new development will enhance essential service deliveries to the people of Migori.

He specifically emphasized that the administrative roles, political, social, and managerial functions of the County Assembly of Migori will be effectively achieved.

The governor added that this will in turn help in promoting democracy and good governance as defined in the country’s 2010 Constitution.

“This is a noble initiative meant also to strengthen devolution for the benefit of the people of Migori.” Read part of the governor’s statement.

However, it appears the message did not serve its intended purpose after the residents opted to openly pour their dissatisfaction with the general performance of the county boss.

While rubbishing the governor’s actions, the residents reminded him to give priority to important projects in the county and not building a house to the speaker.

“We have roads that are supposed to be built and other very important projects to be undertaken.” Said Mr. Joseph Yonga.

The resident told Governor Okoth Obado to take a tour around the county and witness the pathetic state of the roads.

They pointed out in particular the road connecting Rongo town and Rapogi through Dede and Opoya centers.

This road serves as an alternative route to and from Migori and upon its completion will provide access to the remote areas of Nyatike Constituency and parts of the governor’s homeland of Uriri Constituency. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The residents also complained of the poor state of health facilities in the county. Most people in the county have opted to seek advanced medical services in the neighboring Homa bay General Hospital and Kisii level Five.

With the current state of depressed economy due to the effects of coronavirus, constructing a house to the speaker was not necessary at all.

The residents have been left to wonder how this move will help in the strengthening of devolution as the governor claims.

The speaker is a government employee who is paid by the public money, besides the speaker is entitled to a house allowance and there is no logic in constructing a new house.

Could these just be avenues of embezzling public money? Are Luo Nyanza governors bewitched? Why can’t they undergo similar impeachment process like their other colleagues from other parts of the country?

The impeachment motions against incompetent county bosses should serve as a wake up call to the governors in this region.

Luo Nyanza governors should follow in the footsteps of Governors Wickliffe Oparanya and Alfred Mutua who have since raised the bar higher and the Counties of Kakamega and Machakos can now be used for bench-marking.


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EmilyAmondi · 06/25/2020
LeLuo land is cursed with incompetence and mediocrity.. 30million for a house and 4 million for a polytechnic.. That's Luo leadership. Oir MA ochien!

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