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Anne Waiguru: Why the Senate Should not Impeach the Governor

KhakameSoita 06/25/2020

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The County Assembly of Kirinyaga has failed to prove the allegations raised against Governor Anne Waiguru in the impeachment motion tabled before the senate and so the senate should not impeach her.

Most of the issues raised were based on allegations that had no evidence and fabrications that the assembly could not substantiate.

The assembly raised issues on tenders but there was no evidence given that any of the tenders mentioned accrued to the governor for personal benefit or any of her relatives. There was nothing to link her to the tenders whatsoever.

The assembly also failed to prove that the county incurred any financial loses as result of the said tender awards let alone proving how the Governor was conferred any personal benefit.

The issues raised were purely administrative and technical issues that were based on conflict of interest between an officer in the county and his relatives which has nothing to do with the governor.

On alleged foreign countries travel, the governor was able to sufficiently prove before the senate committee that she had either travelled or money refunded and evidence given regarding trips that had been cancelled.

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In fact, in two of the trips, the County Assembly Leader of Majority, who is one of the proponents of the impeachment motion, had accompanied the governor and it was widely covered by the local media at the time.

On the alleged purchase of the governor’s official Prado, even the senate committee observed that there is a legal provision of procuring the same under a government framework contract. This arrangement allows government entities to procure vehicles from a government appointed manufacturer at a cheaper price without having to go through the tendering process.

The constitutional matters raised by the assembly among them failure by the governor to deliver the State of the County Address in the County Assembly failed any constitutional backing and were disapproved. That notwithstanding, it is worthwhile noting that Governor Waiguru had delivered the state of the county address both in 2018 and 2019 and was able to table evidence to support the same.

In a nutshell, the assembly failed to table evidence to substantiate claims against Governor Waiguru. Their claims also failed to meet the thresholds of an impeachment against the governor since they were based on hearsays and were not directly connected to her in any way that could implicate her for gross violation of the constitution or abuse of office.

The governor was able to table adequate evidence in rebuttal of all the claims made against her and the motive behind the impeachment motion can only be attributed to political conspiracies both within and outside the county.

The senate should, therefore only focus on substantiated evidence to deliver justice to Governor Waiguru.

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Top Comments
SteveMzibo · 06/25/2020
We knew nothing will be done to her bcoz she had a godfather it was a waste of our money. Immediately it was given to the committee instead of plenary the judgement had been done. But Waiguru UA time will come after 2022 UA goose will be cooked.
+254-72548**** · 06/25/2020
If you think the Senate is useless,then form your own Senate and impeach her
Kipro · 06/25/2020
That's your views
CyrusNyagah_01 · 06/25/2020
buri kabisa Senate

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