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Man Arrested in Makueni for Allegedly Hacking Father, Hiding body in Store

KMulwa 06/25/2020

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A police car takes the suspect in Kee in the evening(source.Athianifm)

Police in Makueni are investigating the death of a 62-year-old man found murdered in Ikalyoni area, Kilungu sub-county.

According to a police report, the man identified as Benson Nzyimi had gone missing for days before his body was discovered in his homestead.

"It was reported today that one resident visited the home of Mzee Benson Tom Nzyimi reported missing since 20th June 2020 at Kee location," read the report in part.

It's reported that one of the residents had gone to visit the man in his home only to be welcomed by flies coming to the window of the store and on opening the store the body of the man was found.

"On arrival, they were attracted by flies coming from the windows of the store adjacent to the kitchen they were forced to ask for the keys of the said store from son to Mzee aged 26 years," it read further.

The already decomposing body had injuries on the head an indication that the deceased could have been attacked with a sharp object.

"Upon opening the door they noticed a decomposed dead body with head injuries appearing chopped with a sharp object," said the report.

The police say that before his death the man is said to have been engrossed in a bitter exchange with his son and they have not been in good terms.

The report says the son is an ex-rehabilitation material from several hospitals. 

Investigations into the incident have begun. The son identified as Mutuku Nzyimi has been arrested and is currently in police custody.

The body was moved to Kilungu hospital mortuary for preservation awaiting post moterm.

"Scene processed suspect Simon Mutuku Nzyimi arrested subject to interrogation and body removed to Kilungu hospital mortuary.

Source: opera.com
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