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Maria: Madam Vicky Leaves the Hausa's as Victor and Kanini Gang up

Rknews 06/29/2020

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Brenda will receive a call from her mother. She will tell her Maggy is pregnant and is trying to keep it confidential so she has to know how to use the information she has been given her.

The Hausa's will be taking breakfast then William will explain why he wanted them to have the breakfast together because he thought it was important that they diffuse the tension that has been building up since he know having Trevor at their house is not easy but he is proud of them since they have been able to handle the issue. William will tell his family life is like a Chase game, you have to struggle hard inorder to beat your opponent and that's why he thought it's was important that they know sometimes to get what you want you have to play like a fool. Victor will tell him he is absolutely right since if Gloria was the reason why he made up his decision to go to see Maria it might be the same reason that God has given them someone they did not expect for Sofia to recovery. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Trevor and the Doctor will arrive in Hausa's compound then William will welcome them. The doctor will claim that time has gone so he needs to see Sofia immediately. William will ask him if he needs any assistance but he will say he is okay. William will tell him to carry on. Major will block Trevor from going inside but William will tell him to let him in.

The doctor will be stopped by Kanini then he will be told to never open his mouth to say anything about Kanini and Sofia or else he will know what Kanini is capable of dodoing. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

VIcky will say she wishes Sofia's therapy would have been done elsewhere since she can't bear seeing Trevor's face and she intend to leave the Hausa's but William will tell her they have been told there is a good environment for Sofia in their house. Luwi will wish God to answer their prayers once and for all. Victor will say he has reminded something .. he will ask Luwi what is wrong between him and Kanini ... Luwi will claim he told Kanini the truth. William will ask them what they are talking about and Victor will claim that they are not being fair to Kanini since she has the right to be consulated just like any other parent should but Luwi is treating her badly yet she is his mother-in-law. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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