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Gikomba Market on Fire Again

officialGachoki 06/25/2020

We are all aware that the market has had some disputes over the Years property being burnt to ashes worth millions. It is difficult to walk in the market whether on foot or using a vehicle due to high population that resides there for business. The market has always risen up despite the fire as low-income earners resides there where they work on their stalls to feed their families. It is a known market that sells second-hand clothes in the country. There are allegations that were laid on who owns the land between the market traders, the suspected land gamblers and the tenants in county houses. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The scandals of fire in the market stated in the year 2017. In the year 2018, fifteen people died and more than sixty injured during the fire incident. Each year the market burns into ashes questions arising whether or not the people who burns have a time schedule on when to set the fire and on which month. Today, the red cross tweeted of an emergency in Gikomba market. The fire intensified at three AM consuming the timber yards and bales of clothe to ashes.

Nobody has reported burnt or injured as the Kenya power reported on tweeter a black out due to outbreak of fire assuring to restore it back as soon as possible. The market has served many especially in the jua kali and in the second-hand clothes areas. This year, many people are jobless due to the outbreak of corona virus. The government should intervene to help the low-income earners in the market especially those who have incurred losses so that they can sustain themselves.

Source: opera.com
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