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President Kenyatta Will Reopen the Country's Economy Next Month Since Counties are Gearing up


During today’s meeting with various stakeholders in the various sectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the President pointed out that it is up to the counties to deliver the whole country into gradual reopening of the economy.

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After giving directives to the Council of Governors and various other sector stakeholders like the ministry of education and committee steering reopening of worship places, he received a promising report today from the Council of Governors chair Governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

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The report shows that there is indeed a possibility for the economy to be reopened come next month. The council in its report mentioned that there is good progress in counties trying to meet the set threshold and acquired equipment for medical facilitation in hospitals.

The report read that 12 counties have since acquired more than the 300 isolation beds and the rest of the counties are yet to achieve this before the end of the month. This means that in a week’s time, all our 47 counties will be ready to fight the pandemic incase the cases start rising after the reopening of the economy.

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In addition, various counties like Mombasa County have already set conditions under which businesses must be reopened and this show a good sign since the fight against COVID-19 as the President puts it, is in the counties. And it is only in these devolved units that it can be won.

Several other key stakeholders in the country’s economy were present or rather represented. The summit was also attended by the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto. We are only left with a few more days to see how far the counties have prepared themselves towards the inevitable possibility of reopening of the country’s economy.

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The ministry of health on the other hand maintains that the set conditions must all be met first for the country to move forward with the reopening of the economy. Otherwise a drastic move shall only endanger the lives of Kenyans.

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