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What PS Kibicho Had to Say About Gikomba Market Fire Outbreak Today

PatricioMwangi 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has told traders that they will be compensated by the government of every property and other valuables that has been burnt and destroyed by fire today.Gikomba market is known be hit by fire every know and then with the causes of fire not known. Kibicho who visited the scene also assured traders that the perpetrators of the costly incident would be traced and punished. Interior PS has said that the fire was not accidental and his officers had launched a probe into the incident with a view of exposing perpetrators for prosecution. "We as the government do no think these fire are natural. We believe there are people who think by evacuating traders from this place they will get land to development. I want to assure the country that Gikomba will remain public land and we will protect it," said Kibicho.

The government should be in the forefront to protect traders since it collects massive taxes from them.

Source: opera.com
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