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Gikomba Market on Fire!

J-star 06/25/2020

One of the largest markets in Kenya Gikomba market is yet again on fire. The market has been on fire already several times this year as traders keeps on loosing their properties over the fire as some of them watch the heavy fire burn and consume away their products while others who had already closed will only receive calls from fellow traders or watch the news of their consumed market investments.

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Traders and residents in Gikomba have more raised their cry to the government more than once they say but still no permanent solution so far has been issued on the Gikomba fire incident. Most of the traders don't have insurance covers over their properties or products and of their only investments are consumed by the ever recurring fire at Gikomba they loose and are forced to get back to step one of poverty. Some traders and Gikomba residents believe it maybe political agendas of pushing them away from the area and the recurring fire is just away of pestering them to get moving from the Gikomba market however it's only remain as a thought unless later proven.

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In amidst covid-19 storm the traders may find it difficult to further survive the loss. The kenyan

government had banned the importation of the 'Mtumba clothes' and the already available ones burning in fire it means no more business to the Gikomba 'hustlers' as fire snatches their bread earnings. Yearly the Gikomba Market fire has grabbed traders millions of money and removed some of them from businesses completely after consuming both their stores and stocks. Gikomba residents and traders call upon the government to take measures and aid in the ever baffling situation. 

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