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Fatal Road Accident involving Nissan Matatu and Pajero in Kajiado

Mikauko 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A person has been reported to perish on a fatal road accident which involved a personal vehicle and Nissan matatu. The accident occurred at Shell few mitres from Kajiado town. One man perished on the spot. The accident occurred after the driver of a personal vehicle lost the control. The vehicle veered off the road and rolled several times.

The driver of the personal vehicle has been rushed to the hospital. He has suffered many injuries. His colleague dead on the spot. The driver of the personal vehicle was trying to control the vehicle which was heading to hit a Nissan matatu. This made the Pajero vehicle to veer off the road. People who were in Nissan matatu were not injured and no any death was reported in the Nissan matatu.

Personal vehicle which was type of Pajero was damaged. It rolled several times before it landed with a thud. The driver was rushed to the hospital and he is receiving treatment. He suffered a lot of injuries.

Source: opera.com
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