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Looming Light for BoM Teachers

DAVIESOUMA 06/25/2020

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The Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels,Educational Institutions and Hospital and allied workers(kudhehia) and Kenya National Union of Teachers,has urged the government to employ bom teachers.This comes after Nation newspaper highlighted their plight on Monday.

However,kudhehia appeals to the ministry of education,led by prof.Magoha to release funds to schools,so that teachers employed by the boards can be paid.On other hand,KNUT secretary general,Willison sossion ,said that it's unconstitutional for government to transfer payment of teachers burden ,to parents.Sossion urges that the labour laws prohibit, payment of any teacher by parents.He further says,TSC should consider employing such teachers to shoulder their payments.

This comes after government ordered closure of schools due to Covid 19.Since then, teachers employed by board of managements alias bom, have been going without salary.Although some school opted to pay half salary , majority does not pay at all.Report reaching Opera news hub is that, some employers took advantage of covid19,to declare redundancies,unpaid leave,forced pay cuts and warned employees to spot practices to avoid unnecessary disputes.

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