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This Is How Handshake Is Strengthening Dr. Ruto's Presidential Ambitions

Annamogi 06/29/2020

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Dr. Ruto

The handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Honourable Raila Odinga was realised in march 2018. These two leaders agreed to form a committee to look at ways in which a country can realise inclusivity in governance. The team came up with Building Bridge Intiative (BBI) report. This report proposed changes in the executive structure and gender inclusivity as well as changes in the electoral commission leadership.

BBI report suggested the introduction of Prime minister post and it's two deputies. The report suggest that the prime minister will be appointed by the president. This means the Prime minister can be also fired by the President. The second report is said to somehow different from the initial one since it includes the issue concerning Judicial Services Commission (JCS) and Independent Electroral and Boundary Commission (IEBC).

The second report may give the Prime minister some power. That will make the post unique and competitive. This changes in the executive will give Dr. Ruto an upper hand. Dr. Ruto may use this expanded structure to woo others powerful leaders that may enable him to clinch presidency. Once the handshake achieve its purpose, leaders may fall out as they try to achieve their personal political ambitions. Dr. Ruto will gain more by attracting the victims of the Handshake fall out.

Source: opera.com
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