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Will the Walls Prevent More Corona Virus Cases? US President Shocks the World

Madikstormie 06/25/2020

It is now believed that the corona affected people can take care of themselves at home, the question is how and what of the other in affected family members?

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 There is no more mass testing as it is claimed to be a waste of reagents. Everyday we have daily briefing on the affected New cases and those who succumb to the virus as the government continue to urge every one to take precautions,keeping distance, washing hands, and sanitizing. Business are closed and the economy at large, the small business are counting losses everyday. Does corona exist?

 People are loosing hope in everything and are to an extent of not believing the news about the corona virus, people are dying in Western countries which have improved health facilities in a span of 24hrs US adds more covid 19 deaths as reported by Johns Hopkins.   

 Trump says border wall has stopped everything including covid 19, is this another way of control? If that's true then every country should build a wall to control corona and future pandemic. Is Trump another jocker? Because the rate of infection and death rate in USA is high compared to Mexico and other countries.   

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 In Kenya there's no more mass testing, in US Trump suggested that covid 19 testing should be slowed to avoid more infections, is that not a big joke? Trump says that it is a matter of time and the virus will go away, he holds rallies without caring, he goes to an extent of calling the world's deadliest outbreak and epicenter of covid 19 ahoax, he makes the biggest joke of renaiming the corona virus as a king flu.We're left with no one to explain how corona came, how it will go.

Solution: Keep distance atleast 2m, wash your hands with clean water, sanitize, as we wait for the joker's to suggest more " build walls".

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