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Facebook Goes Lit as Photos of Atwoli's White Househelp Emerge

AmukoaAmeyo 06/25/2020

Once again the flamboyant and combative trade unionist is making headlines and this time on Facebook. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Atwoli who is knows to live a life of plenty has made headlines again this time from his palacial home in Nairobi where a photo of this youngest wife Mary Kilobi Atwoli is seen washing her hands aided by a white lady. In the back ground of t View pictures in App save up to 80% data. he photo a fleet of luxury cars are seen in a parking shed.

This photo doesn't come as a surprise as Atwoli appearing on a local TV talkshow decried racism especially in the US and the 'i can't breathe' demonstrations where an unarmed black man was killed in cold blood by a white police officer.

Atwoli has always been at the center of news headlines both controversial and otherwise especially In politics surrounding the handshake and 2022 succession politics.

It is still fresh in the minds of Kenyans that when places of entertainment we were closed due to covid 19 he invited a music band to entertain him at home as he had a meal.

The photo continues to draw opinions on Facebook and maybe for a free days to come.

Atwoli who owns his own clothe line called FA (Francis Atwoli) is not shy of Expressing himself and he had now transformed in to a political king maker as the country warm up to 2022 elections

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pesa sabuni ya mwili

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