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These Are The New Directives CS Magoha Has Given To Schools Ahead Of September Reopening

Annnjeri 06/24/2020

The education sector has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic outbreak as all learning institutions halted their activities.

It is more likely that all these will reopen in September, although the candidates who were to sit for their exams can only do so in the beginning of next year.

Education cabinet secretary George Magoha has now instructed that each classroom should be occupied with a number between 15-20 pupils when schools reopen.

Teachers will also be required to report to their respective learning institutions two weeks prior to the opening date.

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The CS confirmed that the schools will be provided with thermo masks that are meant to check the temperatures of the pupils.

"Every school will also have thermo guns for temperature checks," he said.

He confirmed that 24 million masks were being produced, He also noted that the pupils will be provided with two face masks as another measure that is meant to curb the widespread of the virus.

Source: opera.com
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