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Six-year old child from Kilifi county takes own life

Lizzielyzuralu 06/25/2020

A boy aged six years old from Fundi Hamisi village, Ganda ward in Malindi constituency of Kilifi county has been reported to have taken his own life by hanging on a leso. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

According to reports to the media, the minor took his life in their house. He was earlier on playing with his colleagues. He then left his friends and went in their house. He took too long to join back his friends and hence they decided to check up on him. They then found him hanging on window grill with his neck tied on a leso. Her mother, however, was not around when the incident happened as she had gone in search of work.

The chief of Ganda sublocation Mr. Omar Mazoa reported that it was indeed true that the child took his life on Thursday, 25th June at around 10 am. It is not clear what could have made the child take his life.

Police officers arrived at the scene and took the body of the deceased to Malindi level 5 hospital for a postmortem. Investigations are still ongoing on what led to such an act.

Reports on homicide and suicide are increasing each day. It is high time parents sit down with their children and know how they can solve their problems. The society needs to help those who might be depressed by providing right information on dealing with life matters.

Source: opera.com
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