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178 New COVID-19 Cases and 2 Related Deaths Creates a State of Sadness in the Country

DOMMY 06/25/2020

Kenya has been facing the worst in east Africa when it comes to the country worst hit by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a disaster and a lot is being affected negatively.

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Ever since the pandemic hit the country, businesses have been shut, people have lost jobs, companies have closed down and children have been sent home since schools were forced to close down too.

Now since the week started, that is from Monday all the way to Wednesday, the country has been hit hardest. The number of new cases of people who have been infected by the Coronavirus disease has risen drastically at a very alarming rate. Within only three days from Monday to Wednesday, the ministry of health has reported 468 new cases.

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Asif it is not enough, it gets worse, the country has lost 7 very important lives since the week started. Ever since the pandemic hit the country in March, these kinds of statistics for only three days have never been accumulated. It is saddening and alarming. It leaves us asking, where are we headed? And how worse will it get before the end of the month?

The above statistics broken down is as follows; since from Monday this week to Wednesday we have had new cases of COVID-19 infections doubling day by day.

Monday - 59 new cases

Tuesday - 155 new cases

Wednesday – 254 new cases.

As you can see, the cases are increasing by close to double daily. This may be what we should be expecting till the end of this week. Or maybe not. The values may go down anyway. Those who have succumbed to the disease have also been broken down as below;

Monday 2

Tuesday 3

Wednesday 2

It brings the total number of those who have died due to the coronavirus to 7. Not good news huh! These numbers are very scary and saddening. The whole country may be worried about what is coming next. Will the ministry of health break worse news today and tomorrow too? Let’s hope not.

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The counties that have been hit hardest during these three days are Mombasa and Nairobi counties with statistics as shown;

Monday - Mombasa; 21 Nairobi; 28

Tuesday - Mombasa; 9 Nairobi; 104

Wednesday – Mombasa; 36 Nairobi; 127

In total, Nairobi takes 259 of all the 468 cases which is 55.34% of this week’s new cases. Mombasa on the other hand follows with 66 of all 468 new cases which translate to 14.1% of the week’s cases. These two counties are the worst places to be right now.

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When it comes to gender distribution, the values are broken down as follows;

Monday - 47 Males and 12 females

Tuesday – 120 males and 35 females

Wednesday – 186 males and 68 females.

This means men are at more risk of contracting the COVID-19 than their female counterparts. In addition, those who have succumbed to the deadly disease are mostly of the male gender in the country. Thus men should take more care of themselves now more than ever especially those residing in the two most affected counties of Mombasa and Nairobi.

As we struggle to fight this deadly pandemic and survive, the country is losing the grasp of the economy. It is doing poorly and this is clearly reflected by the citizens who are not able to provide for themselves. More of Kenyans are suffering due to expenses and not being able to acquire some of the basic commodities they may need for their daily lives.

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The government though, is trying as hard as possible to make it possible to reopen the economy come next month on 7th. It is not easy since some of the standards that have been set for the success of this objective are very strict. Counties have been directed to acquire a minimum of 300 isolation beds in their medical facilities to be able to battle the rising number of cases that may come up upon resumption of business.

Schools are also expected to open come September but under very strict conditions including restricted capacity of 15-20 per class, mandatory testing for all teachers and wearing of face masks within the premises for all who are within. These are only but a few of the strict conditions set for resumption or reopening of the economy.

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After all these numbers what do you think? Will it be possible to salvage the economy come July? Drop your comments below.

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