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Opinion: Here is why Covid-19 might be a business and not a disease in Kenya

siamaphilbert 06/25/2020

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When you read The article of A Man Who Sold The Whole Country, Owaah describes President Uhuru Kenyatta as [start of quote] a man who is reckless, indescive, inexperienced, impulsive and has a well developed prosecution complex. A man who scratches his ass in public and at that same time threaten the Judiciary, sounding like multi-tasking at an advanced level. [end of quote]

What can you expect from such a man?A man who has only wiped sweat from his forehead by use of wipes after hitting the gym or from a 10km run and not when trying to put food on the table. A man who's personal life is still a mystery,we know nothing about his education,just speculations and what we are only sure about him is his heavy drinking and weed smoking. A president that addresses the nation while drunk and high on drugs.

What can you expect from such a man? A man who was comes from a family which was named after a nation and judging from my understanding of Africa naming culture, he was supposed to be Kenya's light but he has flushed the nation down the drain with unnecessary debts that weren't supposed to be there, simply because they own us, they own half of Kenya, biggest shareholders.Half of Kenyans celebrated when they were swearing in the man during the recent general elections, they called him [ mtu wetu ] and they saw a need of re-electing him because he talked of how he spent the first five years drafting projects and manifestos and time had come for him to translate the projects from the papers to reality, to the ground. They then re-elected Mtu Wetu.

OkoreEsq on 1st May tweeted, [ start of quote] What began In Wuhan China as a virus landed in Italy as a pandemic and ended in Kenya as a business [end of quote ]

Kenyans have lost hope and trust with the government headed by Mtu Wetu, even the ones who had the loudest laugh during the general elections are the ones with the loudest cry at the moment. When I read that tweet from OkoreEsq, I began joining the dots. 

How can Mtu Wetu's government explain a case in Migori? A patient feels sick at around 1pm, goes to the hospital and his test samples are taken at around 2pm and because there's no KEMRI centre in Migori, the test have to be taken to KEMRI centre in Kisumu, that is 173km and approximately 3 and a half hour journey, the Covid-19 tests takes 3 hours for the test results to come and at around 9 pm that patient tests negative but CS Mutahi Kagwe would have already announced a positive case in Migori by 3pm during the Covid-19 briefing and when asked about it, he'll say that the patient is asymptomatic. The Covid-19 positive cases would already have risen, more money needed to curb it's spread, that's how they cook figures for the Covid-19. Fear of infection fills the people of Migori, the patient becomes traumatized when taken into quarantine. 

How can they explain a man named Lenox Odhiambo who was born in 27th June, 1991 was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital from Mama Lucy hospital on 9th May.The family through his brother Kevoh Mchelsea Jaseme [Facebook profile name ] posted on Facebook on how Lenox Odhiambo suffered from TB for a very long time before succumbing to it on 11th May, 2020 but the government adds Lenox Odhiambo to the list of people who have died due to infection of the Covid-19.But when we ask questions, Mtu Wetu openly insults us [keep the social media nonsense to yourself ]

A man who has African blood flowing through his veins, raised by an African father in an African family on african soil but does not believe in African medicine? Or maybe it's because he won't make enough profits to fill his thirsty cash silos if he ships in the Madagascar's vaccine in comparison to what he'll pocket when he'll ship in the vaccine from the West or maybe they haven't harvested enough from the pandemic yet? Just speculations but there could be some truth in it.

Soon enough, our shoes will become tight, our toes will hurt and we will feel the pain when we will realise that the Covid-19 is gone, and the debts will have to paid with a deficit in our economy and what will follow next would be scandals on our Media stations.

A story will be told of how a man, who was supposed to be Kenya's hope during a pandemic turned out to be the one leading a team of Money Over Health ministry [MOH] to feed on us and we couldn't question because, it is not yet Uhuru!

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
AnneWasike · 06/26/2020
it's business now I conquer with u,but we r the ones who suffer more,it will be too late to know the truth,since everything will be in a mess
WilsonWanyama_01 · 06/26/2020
you are right but those who voted for are the ones to regret not me.

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