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Internet Erupts as Details Emerge of How Moses Kuria Awarded Tenders Worth Millions to Relatives

ViralMan 06/25/2020

A report by Daily Nation has exposed Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria badly after he was implicated in a series of corruption allegations involving an irregular award of tenders to his relatives and friends.

An investigation report shows that most of the companies that won tenders were formed between 2014 and 2015, just after Mr Kuria was elected MP.

According to the local daily, Moses Kuria's former chief campaigner Githongo Kibe who is the current Ward Rep for Kamwangi played a critical role in influencing the major award of tenders worth millions of shillings.

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"Mr Githongo, a key ally of Mr Kuria and the ward rep for Kiamwangi, is facing corruption charges for making a false document, uttering a false document and making a false declaration.

"He was one of the key campaigners for Mr Kuria during the 2013 elections and is also a pastor at the African Independent Church of Africa. It is during his tenure as CDF chair that companies owned by people close to Mr Kuria got contracts in questionable circumstances," reads in part the story by Daily Nation.

According to the report, Finish Line Construction Company Limited owned by Aloise Kinyanjui Kuria, a brother to Moses Kuria, was awarded Kshs5.7 million tender for the construction of Ituuru High School Classrooms.

The MPs brother who is said to have no job at the CDF offices is said to be a regular visitor at the offices and always spent a better part of his time around the CDF premises.

The revelations which highlighted more cases of irregular award of tenders ignited a debate on social media as the majority of Kenyans took to social media to react to the matter.

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Here is how Kenyans reacted to allegations pitting Kuria:

𝐓𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐚 @Tasha67_

The company, which was registered on November 4, 2014, has James Kogi Kuria and John Ngigi Kuria as its shareholders, with 50% ownership each is one of the companies under Kuria's brothers & these are the ones who do almost everything in matters contracts.

Certified Luo @MjakaFulani

Bribery is not the only effect of social corruption. Nepotism, or the act of showing favouritism towards relatives/family members, is as well

The case against Moses Kuria should be revived this guy should be behind bars he's a criminal

ReAfrique @AfriqueRe

All the MPS do this. The law should be passed to block any public officer and their relatives from doing bs either directly or indirectly with the government.that's corruption in itself coz they will win the tenders without even having the qualifications

Wakanda Faded Nation @WakandahForever

We all know that a public officer shall not hold shares or have any other interest in a corporation, partnership of other body, directly or through another person, but this what Man Kush has to offer. CDF MONEY MATTERS !!!!

Dennis Nyambane™ @ItsNyambane

Moses Kuria halipi madeni. In January 2020 a law firm ordered auctioneers to recover Ksh 7,250,000 as rent arrears owed by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

Dan Mose @dan_mose1

Most of the companies that pocketed the CDF money were formed after Moses Kuria got to office as MP. So this was a plan to help him and his brothers benefit.

Simpet Rahrim @Simpetrahrim

Apparently, the MP has been accumulating a lot of wealth through the allocation of tenders registered under several companies that ultimately goes to a common bank account belonging to him

Dan Mose @dan_mose1

Moses Kuria has been on the list of NCIC severally over incitement claims. CDF is also mismanaged in the constituency since he took office.

Ig maumau @MachungwaMachu1

Hon Moses Kuria has been using his position to illegally award his brothers lucrative tenders. Finishline Construction Company which is owned by his brother Aloise Kinyanjui Kuria has been constantly awarded tenders despite being the least qualified.

captain @CaptKev_

No wonder his people are languishing in poverty stricken and have been made to believe that Raila is the cause of their poverty.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
KoskeySatiaLinos · 06/25/2020
Hahaha..ujinga hamtatuweza..
JamesonWanjohi · 06/27/2020
Am beginning to question whether there is any clean Tangatanga member.
JudyMusyoka · 06/26/2020
you mean poor people like us who own companies can't be given a contract even if it's cleaning roads.
EvansAyora · 06/25/2020
Jubilee asili gangs of theive

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