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President Uhuru Kenyatta Hints at Uplifting Lockdown

MryMuendy 06/26/2020

Since the first case of coronavirus pandemic was announced in the country more than three months ago, different activities more so of national importance have been affected resulting to the destabilization of the economy.

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In a virtual meeting with Corporate Council on Africa Leaders Forum on Friday June 26th, President Kenyatta hinted that the restriction on movement in both Mombasa and Nairobi Counties might be uplifted anytime soon.

In a publication by the Kenyans, President Kenyatta revealed that it was time to open the inter-county lock-downs stating that every citizen will be expected to observe the measures laid down by not only the Ministry of Health but by the government at large.

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The president also added that flights operations will also resume although the first ones will be the domestic flights which will pave way for international flights.

Even though the president did not reveal the exact day of the opening of the inter-county lock downs, most citizens think it is after the added thirty days are over which happens to be July 6th.

The cessation in movement was introduced before the Easter holidays which made Christian citizens to celebrate the holidays at home with their close family members.The Muslim faithfuls were not left behind as their Ramadhan celebrations also fell on the cessation days.

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So far the country has more than 5,000 positive cases with more than 130 fatalities. To contain the disease, the government enacted other measures which included closing all learning institutions, public gatherings, suspending all political rallies and advised citizens to ensure they wash their hands with running water and soap as well as maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks especially when in public places.

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