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Honourable Raila Odinga Met Unexpected Obstacles

Annamogi 06/26/2020

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Honourable Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga is the former prime minister of Kenya. He is one of the most powerful politician in Kenya. Earlier on before the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, Raila had traveled to China with her daughter to assist her get treatment. Raila's daughter got well after receiving treatment in China. This probably made Honourable Raila Odinga to value and trust Chinese medical services. When Raila Odinga personally felt unwell, he first sort medical services in China. He had preferred visiting China than any other country.

Due to covid-19 pandemic most countries have closed their airspace unless on urgent circumstances. When Honourable Raila Odinga's team sort travel arrangements with the Republic of China, they were given conditions that are aiming at cupping the spread of covid-19 infections. He was instructed that once arriving in China, he will be required to be quarantined for fourteen days in the military barrack after which he will tested for covid-19 disease. If free, he will proceed to his treatment. This condition did not go well with Odinga' family. “Right now, if you want to go there, you must be ready for a 14-day military quarantine...that was not tenable, so there is no way he could have gone there,” Dr Oburu Odinga said.

The family sort another alternative and that is why they settled on Dubai which offer similar services. "Honourable Raila Odinga is in Dubai for minor surgery on his back and he will be back soon" Dr. Oburu added.

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Top Comments
PeterMuchoki_01 · 06/27/2020
Baba, I wish you quick recovery lakini tapadhali Wacha mambo ya Bibi Yai ukirudi.
Livingtestimony · 06/27/2020
eehh! na wamemtoa sura kama amekasirikaaa

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