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Is MP Waluke's Sentencing Being Used to Shift Kenyans Attention From Waiguru's Impeachment?

Carrigntonmudavadi 06/25/2020

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When Governor Waiguru's impeachment motion was discussed in the senate the senators passed the motion for a committee to investigate the accusation facing her. A decision that didn't go well with senators who support DP Ruto, the MCAs back in Kirinyaga and the general public.

There were reports that Governor Waiguru met Former prime minister Raila Odinga to ask him for help so that he may ask his senators to defend her but the ODM leader denied the reports even though the support was seen during the impeachment hearing. This actually tarnished Hon Raila's Odinga name to a very big extend as a person who protects corrupt people yet he is supposed to be an opposition leader who ensures that the Government is on the right track.

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It is not Raila's name only that was tarnished, President Uhuru's name was tarnished. As a President who want to have a legacy of fighting corruption was allowing his senators to engage in politics instead of their oversight role of Counties. Elgeyo Marakwet senator even claimed that a report to acquit the Governor had already been written and the debate was just a formality.

Generally, President Uhuru's Government was seen as a Government that supports corruption and some leaders and Kenyans in General had started calling out at the president to stop telling people that he is fighting corruption.

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To change the narrative back to normal and distract the public attention from Ann Waiguru's impeachment hearings and her expected acquittal, MP Waluke might have been used as a scapegoat to fulfill the Government narrative.

So everybody will be talking about how the Government imprisoned a sitting Member of Parliament charged with corruption and nobody will remember the Governor and President Uhuru will be praised to have fought corruption during his tenure.

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Top Comments
+254-79908**** · 06/25/2020
bogus thinking
StephenMutembei_01 · 06/25/2020
The author is not worth the ink on whose this article was written. ..he should tell those nonsense to pple who are monourished mentally like him
[email protected] · 06/25/2020
twisted thinking kenyans want thieves jailed without connecting judgments to politics
NdunguMumbura · 06/25/2020
thats a stupid question.

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