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Police IG Hillary Mutyambai Cracks Whip on Rogue Nandi Officer

Indekhwa 06/25/2020

The inspector general of Police Hillary Mutyambai has ordered the arrest and suspension of a police officer involved in the shooting of a man in Lessos, Nandi County.The move comes after chaos erupted at the Lessos township after a police officer shot and killed a shoe shiner for allegedly intervening in an Sh 50 bribery row.

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"I have therefore written to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) for action as stipulated in the law. As stated in my new platform #EngageTheIG, we are committed to taking stern disciplinary action against any other officers found culpable." Said Mutyambai on twitter.

In what appears to be changing the face for the police service, IG Mutyambai has assured Kenyans that any police officer found violating the rule of law while on duty shall be held culpable.

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Earlier Demos in Lessos

"Whereas we regret the loss of lives and remind all police officers that none is allowed to take the law into their own hands, we also request that our dear citizens uphold all our laws and cooperate with us towards a more secure country."

To prove his point, Mr. Mutyambai over the weekend announced he will have online interaction with the public every Monday as part of efforts to improve service delivery. 

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