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Meet Maria The Citizen tv Actress, Age, And Education

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Maria is just 20 years since she was born in they year 2000 in Kilifi County in a family that values Muslim doctrines.

Her official name is Yasmin Said. She is from a middle class family and she has lived a comfortable life.

Currently she is not dating. This is because she values the Muslim doctrines. She is waiting for the right time to get married. Since she is not married,she should not leave her parents house. This means Maria stays with her parents.

She went to Ribe Girls High school which is situated in Kilifi County. This is where she did her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education recently . Maria intends to join campus this year.

While in high school,she did not do any drama until the time Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla visited her school. She attended the auditions hosted by the two and took the role of ghetto tomboy.

Currently,Maria acts in the citizen tv drama called "Maria" and plays the role of a poor orphan. She wins the hearts of other actors Luwi and victor who are brothers. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Victor,maria,Luwi [photo/courtesy]

According to the drama,Maria moved to stay with Boss William family who is the father of victor and Luwi. This is where the drama "Maria" starts.

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Boss William [photo/courtesy]

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GUEST_dGzW2woKZ · 07/20/2020
I have a talent of acting .I am 13yrs girl I often admire MARIA actors and actresses

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