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DIY Beginners guide: Simple steps on how to make a wig at home

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This days women consider wigs to be an imminent item of fashion. They keep their wigs updated according to the latest fashion trend.

The most popular hair wigs are the human hair, even though its expensive, women prefer to spend a fortune to purchase them just to give an orderly fashion to their hairstyle statement.

But, do you know that, you can make a wig at home?

Instead of spending too much money on buying wigs, why don't you follow this DIY procedure on how to make a wig at home and thank me later.

Requirements for making a wig.

Before you start, you must have all this requirements.


2.Wig cap

3.Wig head

4.Needle and thread

5.Wig stand

6.Wig combs

7.Scissors and blow dryer

8.Hair glue and sticks

9.Lace frontal glue

10.Wig band


12.Pearl headed pins

13.Lace closure

Type of wigs

After acquiring all the requirements needed, you must choose which type of wig fits you. There are 5 different type of wigs.

1.Lace frontal.

This covers the forefront of the head, giving the hairline a natural look.

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2.360 lace frontal.

This goes all around the head, giving a natural look while styling a ponytail.

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This is a small part of hair that is sewn at the middle of the forefront area.

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4. Partial

This is where the wig is not full, allowing you to leave out some hair.

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5.Full regular

This is a type that is easy to find and wear.

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Steps and procedures on how to make a wig

Since you know what are the requirements and type of wigs to choose, now let us make a wig from scratch. The process can be tiring but with good mindset the process is seems effortless.

1. Take your head measurement from the frontal to the back, ear to ear, and around the hairline for the circumference to ensure the measurements are accurate.

2. Place the wig head on the wig stand.

3. Take measurement of the extension hair and cut them fitty the wig cap circumference.

4. Secure the lace closure at the frontal of the cap and use the thread and needle to sew it from the edge all around.

5. Lay the tracks down in a U-shaped pattern as you create the wig. This is the step where you will need a blow dryer, glue stick, needle and thread, and hair glue.

6. After you sew the track all the way to the closure, cut all the excess track after securing it with a knot.

7. Use tweezers to pluck the hairs on the closure to make the wig look like a real hair. Cut the excess wig cap that peek under the lace.

8. Sew the wig band at the rim of the cap, and at least one comb on either side of the head and back.

9. Finally, style your wig and add some hair products on it.

How to maintain a wig

1. Avoid too much heat when blow drying your wig because too much heat will destroy cuticles and damage the end.

2. When washing and conditioning your wig ensure to use lukewarm or cold water. Add shampoo to a spray bootle and fill it with water, spray onto the wig, comb then rinse. Do the same when conditioning. After that, pat-dry the wig to avoid hait breakage.

3. Ensure that the wig is in a safe, clean place to avoid flammability.

I hope the process above will help you achieve the look that you desire.

Style it to your heart, content!

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